9 Beach Eilat


The 9 beach Eilat is located on the northen shores of Eilat. It is near the promenade and the shopping mall.

The 9 beach is a bar-restaurant that offers a varied menu. In the beach there is two seperated kitchens, one is diary kitchen and the second is meat kitchen. The food is high quality and delicious.

Moreover the kitchen is a fusion Kosher cuisine that offers both meat and diary dishes. between the dishes you can find beef/red Tuna carpaccio,Foie gras, beef plates, beef fillet, vegetarian and vegan dishes. In addition the diary menu include varied breakfasts that includes ,Muesli, Shakshuka, Croque Madame Ham, pastas and more.

The beach offering air-conditioned and sheltered compound with sofas spreaded all over the beach. In addition there is tanning beds on the beach.

You can eat inside the beach’s restaurant at the tables or even sit on the bar and enjoy the great service of the Bartenders.


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