Mosh Beach Eilat


Mosh Beach is located on the southern area of Eilat‘s Shores. It offers you tropical-like beach with chill vibes. The beach is in a great spot to the sun and the view with comfortable sitting area inside and around the beach.

Mosh Beach has a varied vegeterian menu with the beach’s built-in home style courses. Moreover there is a large selection of soft drinks, fresh juices and alcoholic drinks.

The beach also has a boutique shop in the entrance of the beach. It offers a wide variety of products like jewelry, clothing, swimsuits and more.

Additionally once a in a while there is an event called LAYLA LAVAN, which starts at the later evening and ends in the late night hours, including special food stalls that offer a variety food from all over the world, musicians and artists from all over the country and the world, alcohol and more.


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